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Does the school have safety protocols?
Absolutely. General safety procedures are important for the safety of both the students and the staff. An evacuation plan helps to ensure all children and adults know how to respond when alarms are sounded. To be in compliance with governing entities and to ensure our  plan for emergencies, emergency drills are conducted several times throughout the year. Our drills include, monthly fire drills, bi-annual inclement weather drills, annual lockdown and lockout drills, and procedures for handling major accidents and injuries.  In additional all of our staff in charge of children are certified in CPR and First Aid.
How do I drop off or pick up my child from school for a regular school day?
Chimney Corners (PP3 and PP4)

  • PP3 parents must walk their child to/from the classroom at dropoff/pickup and sign them in and out. Please park along the fence on the north side of the building and enter through the north gate (not through the main doors).
  • PP4 parents may park and walk their child into the building or may use the carline.
  • The CC carline moves from north to south passing under the covered area in front of the main doors. Children are greeted by and helped out of the car by teachers.
    • The drop off carline is available from 8:10-8:30 am.
    • The pick up carline is available from 3:00-3:15 pm.
  • To use the pickup line at dismissal, place the carline form your child’s teacher gives you, which identifies your child and his/her class. This facilitates ease of pickup.
  • If you have a child in both PP3 and PP4, please walk your child into PP3 and then walk your other child to their PP4 classroom. You do not need to exit and re-enter the classroom.


Anderson Lane (Kinder – 8th)

  • Parents may park in designated visitor parking spots and walk their child into/pick their child up from school. Parents picking up children inside the school should meet their child in the designated carline area (A-G in the front lobby, H-Z in the back of the multipurpose room).
  • Two carlines are available, organized by last name (A-G in the front carline, H-Z in the back carline). Children are greeted by teachers using the front or back doors of the building.
    • The drop off carline is available from 7:50-8:05 am.
    • The pick up carline is available from 3:20-3:30 pm.
  • To use the pickup line at dismissal, place the carline form your child’s teacher gives you, which identifies your child and his/her class. This facilitates ease of pickup.
What if someone else needs to pick up my child?
Your child will be released to a person who has the form in their dashboard or who is listed on the Authorization to Pickup form, completed prior to the first day of school. Staff will check the person’s ID against the form to ensure the person is authorized to pick up your child. If you would like to add an additional person to the list of who is authorized to pick up your child, you may do so in JOC.
What if my child is arriving late or leaving early?
If your child is tardy, he/she should be dropped off or walked in through the front doors at AL and proceed directly to the classroom. If you child is tardy at CC, please bring him/her to the front desk. Our campus manager will walk your child to the classroom to avoid interruptions. He/she will be marked tardy by the lead teacher.


If your child is arriving late because of a medical or other appointment, he/she should present a note explaining the tardiness from the medical provider. If you are picking your child up early for this purpose please go to the front desk, and let the receptionist know. The receptionist will assist you with checking your child out early using the School check In/Out computer system. You will have to enter the child’s name and reason for early release, and the receptionist will  direct you to your child’s classroom. .. Upon return, you will sign your child back in using the School check In/Out system, and walk your child back to class.


If you child is tardy at CC, please bring him/her to the front desk. Our campus manager will walk your child to the classroom to avoid interruptions.

If I have feedback about something at school, what do I do or who do I contact?

You have a few options…

1 – Fill out the Recommendations/Commendations Form with your feedback. You will hear back from the school within one week.

2 – Reach out to the person indicated on the “Who Do I Contact…” cheat sheet!

If my child loses something at school, is there a Lost & Found?
Both campuses have a Lost & Found. At Anderson Lane, there’s a trunk filled with shirts, jackets, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc in the multipurpose room. At Chimney Corners, this trunk is located just outside of the library. Happy Hunting! We regularly clean out and donate items in our Lost & Founds after providing families with early notification for one last check.
When is picture day, and what should my child wear?
We have two picture days at MIS. In the fall (generally early October), individual photos are taken. On this day, students may wear anything they choose. In the spring, we take class pictures and students wear their regular school uniforms. Both are available for purchase through the photography vendor.
What is the difference between after school care, activities and clubs?
After School Care is regular, MIS provided care provided from the end of the school day through 6 PM. Activities depend on the age of the students in the class but can include a variety of art activities, reading, homework time, games and outdoor play time. Students participating in After School Care are escorted to their respective classroom at the conclusion of the school day and can be picked up from that room.

After School Activities are vendor-provided activities at our campuses after the school day. From culinary and dance to robotics and martial arts, there are a myriad of options for every student. Students participating in After School Activities are escorted to our After School Activities meet-up classroom where activity providers pick them up and take them to their meeting area. At the conclusion of the activity, students in After School Care will be escorted to their assigned classroom; all others should be picked up from their activity classroom.

After School Clubs are school-sponsored and supported enrichment groups focused on specific areas: Destination Imagination, Model UN and Entrepreneur’s Club. Students are supported to compete in regional, state and national conferences and competitions aligned with each of these areas, to gain experience with others beyond the walls of our school. Students participating in After School Clubs will proceed through the same process as those in After School Activities highlighted above.

What are the purposes of the different systems used by the school?
TADS is the school’s enrollment and tuition management system. If you need to enroll, re-enroll, apply for financial aid, sign your tuition agreement or modify your tuition payments, go here.

Join Our Class (JOC) is the school’s communications portal, serving as the central spot for classroom blogs, school directory, photo sharing, volunteer sign-ups and calendering. We also use this system for emergency notifications, so please make sure that your cell phone is up to date. The system has an iOS and Android app making your connection with the school convenient and timely.

ManageBac is the school’s curriculum, attendance and academic reporting system. The primary user of this system is our teachers and academic coordinators, however you will be able to view and download your child’s report card from ManageBac.

My child has severe allergies to a specific type of food. How is this handled by the school?
All children with anaphylactic allergies are required to have an epinephrine injector and Allergy Action Plan on file with our school nurse. In addition, each teacher is notified of allergies in the classroom, and notices are posted for allergies outside every classroom door (indicating the allergy, not the child). Parents for the class are notified of the existence of the allergy and guidance to avoid exposure in the classroom. All teachers are trained on the administration of epinephrine. If you have concerns, contact our nurse to discuss!
Is there a discipline policy? What happens if my child hits - or is hit by - another student?
Magellan takes the safety of its students very seriously, and all children should feel secure in his/her learning environment. We do have age-appropriate policies for dealing with physical aggression, in both our expectations of students and the response of the school.

In Preschool:

If a preschool student hits another, they will complete a reflection form with the Lead Teacher regarding the behavior or action and immediate revindication with the member of the community affected. This form will be shared with the parents. If behavior is frequently disruptive to the classroom routine despite multiple strategies in place, the student will be removed the classroom. In cases that children exhibit physical behavior that endangers the safety of themselves or others, parents will be asked to pick their child from school. In extreme cases where student safety becomes an unmanageable concern further actions, such as separation from the MIS community, will be considered by the Head of School.

In Primary and Middle School:

If a primary or middle school student exhibits physical aggression towards another, responses by the school may include one or all of the following:

  • Reflection with Head of Section and Head of School
  • Email to parents by Deputy Head of School, Head of Section and Head of School
  • Verbal or written reflection with School Counselor
  • In-School Suspension determined by Deputy Head of School or Head of School
  • Out of School Suspension determined by Head of School
  • Behavior Contract by Head of School and Head of Section
  • Expulsion determined by Head of School