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Who can help me if I have questions about getting ready to start school during the summer?
With the exception of a few days around the July 4th holiday, MIS is open all summer long from 7 AM – 6 PM, so there’s always someone there to answer questions (and always someone from the admissions team on site or on call). Just dial us at 512-782-2327 – let them know you’re a new family and have a question for our admissions team, and you’ll be transferred to us to help you out. We also have a bunch of quick answers to FAQ’s here.
Where can I find uniforms for my child? Do I have to purchase everything through Lands End?
Mandatory polo shirt (long or short sleeve) or a polo dress with the school’s embroidered logo are available to order through Land’s End. PP3 – 5th grade students may choose either dark blue, light blue or yellow to wear each day. 6th – 8th grade students must wear the Middle School cobalt blue. Our Preferred School ID is 900162108.

You can purchase bottoms for your child (navy or khaki for PP3 to 5th, khaki or navy for Middle School) at any store you choose.

All students must wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes to school. Most of our students wear sneakers. More information about the school uniform can be found in our Parent Handbook.

What are the daily schedules for students, and how do I know what is happening in the classroom?

Every class has their own weekly schedule that will stay consistent throughout the year; these are shared by lead teachers at the beginning of the school year. Blogs are posted by teachers throughout the week in Join Our Class (JOC) featuring class activities which you can receive in a variety of ways (push notifications on your cell phone immediately or daily, weekly email summary, etc). Teachers and room parents will occasionally send emails regarding field trips, chaperone information and permissions slips. By downloading the JOC app to your phone, you can choose to have notifications when blogs are posted or photo galleries shared to keep a close eye on everything happening in your child’s classroom.

My child doesn’t speak Spanish - will he/she feel out of place in the classroom?
The first few weeks may be a little confusing for your child, but he/she will very quickly adapt to the new language. Remember that the majority of families at MIS are English-only speaking. Each class does have a few native-Spanish speaking students, who serve as language modelers (and translators). Teachers also provide support in English as students acclimate to this new learning environment. You’ll be surprised how quickly your child learns the language!
Will my child get a nap at school?
In PP3 children are offered a 2 hour nap/rest time; children in PP4 are offered a 1 hour nap time. If your child does not nap during this time, they are encouraged to lie down quietly to rest. Most PP3 children nap for much of this time. Kindergarten students are offered a brief 15-20 minute rest time after lunch and recess for the first 4-6 weeks of school.
What does my child need for the first day/week of school?


PP3 and PP4 (see Preschool Checklist for more detail)

  • Nap roll (a thin mat with an attached blanket and pillow) inside a non-pervious bag (extra large ziploc, etc to prevent the spread of germs and lice). Nap rolls are placed on top of nap cots at nap time, which are provided by Magellan. Nap cots are 54” long.
  • Complete change of clothes in a gallon-size, sealed plastic bag. (Hint: grab your child’s change of clothes at MISPA’s used uniform sale in August!)
  • Water bottle and lunch (morning snack is provided by MIS). Water bottles can be refilled as needed throughout the day. Lunches that need to be heated must be sent in a microwavable container.
  • For PP4 only, a backpack large enough to hold a 9”x12” folder.

Kindergarten – 8th grade

  • Water bottle and lunchbox.
  • Morning snack (optional).
  • Backpack large enough to hold a 9”x12” folder.


Why am I paying educational resource fees in addition to tuition?

All school supplies, books, equipment and the costs for local field trips are provided by Magellan for all grades. The cost of supplies is covered by the Educational Resource Fee.

What do our MISPA dues go towards?

Each year, MISPA hosts events to benefit our school community and invests in important projects at each campus. The $90 MISPA dues are invested in programs and projects like these to enhance our school.

What should I do if my child is melting down every day at drop off?
Talk to your child’s teacher about his/her experience and build a plan together. Sometimes children are upset until the moment a parent leaves the building. Others may be anxious about a new learning environment. Know that our teachers are your partners and can help you through an emotionally difficult situation like this.
How do I get a spirit shirt and when should my child wear it?
Spirit shirts are provided at the beginning of the school year to all new students by MISPA. You’ll be contacted by them to get your child’s shirt size in advance. If you need a new spirit shirt during the school year, they’re available to purchase for $10 by contacting MISPA. Students wear spirit shirts on assembly days and other special days that arise throughout the school year. You’ll know when assembly days are coming up by checking the Magellan JOC calendar that you already synced with your own!
We’re interested in signing up for bus/van service, but don’t need it every day. Are there other options?
Absolutely. Whether it’s just mornings, just afternoons, a few days a week, etc, as long as there’s space, we’ll be able to accommodate your family’s needs. Contact our Director of Operations for more information.
Does MIS offer lunch service for students? Can they accommodate students with dietary preferences or allergies?

Yes we do offer an optional lunch service through Haute Lunch. Find access the current menus, a link to the Parent Portal, and guidelines to assist you on their website. For questions contact Haute Lunch at info@hautelunchatx.com or kim.johnson@magellanschool.org.