School Year Schedule and Events


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Where can I find the academic calendar for the year?


The MIS calendar is shared through our communications portal, Join Our Class. Your view will include events, activities and school closures related to all students as well as those specific to your child in his/her classroom. The general school year calendar, highlighting priority dates is available to the general public on our Parent Resources page.


Can I get a personalized feed of MIS events embedded in my personal calendar?
Yes! Once your child is enrolled at the school, you’ll receive an email to log into Join Our Class. Once you’re logged in, follow the instructions here to embed the MIS calendar into your own (compatible with iCal/Apple, Google and MS Outlook calendars).


How do I sign up to volunteer or see details about upcoming events at the school?
Join Our Class provides all sign-up opportunities as well as detailed information about upcoming events. Both will appear when you click on “Events”.
How do I sign my child up for after school care or camps (day, fall break, spring break, summer camps, etc.) for days and times when I’m working?
Simple! Follow this link to sign your child up for after school care, individual day camps or break camps (please note that MIS is closed over Winter Break as well as a few national holidays throughout the year). We have a variety of MIS and partner-provided camps during the summer break. Learn more here.
What are the hours for student attendance on regular school days?

Preschool – 8:30 AM to 3 PM
Primary School – 8:10 AM to 3:20 PM
Middle School – 8:10 AM to 4 PM

Early drop off is available beginning at 7:30 AM every day for a fee, and after school care or activities are available for a fee to extend your child’s day at MIS up to 6 PM.

What are the “must attend” events for parents during the school year?
For academic focus, to support your child, it is recommended that you attend:

  • Meet-The-Teacher
  • PYP or MYP Night
  • Unit closures – Summative assessments
  • Winter Concert
  • End-Of-Year Presentations
  • Parent/teacher and parent/teacher/student conferences (to learn about the specific achievements and growth opportunities of your child)


  • Fiesta de Bienvenida (adults only)
  • International Festival (families)

Both are excellent opportunities to meet and engage with others in the community.

How do I find out about special events in my child’s class?
Events such as end-of-unit presentations, volunteer opportunities and field trips will be posted on the Join Our Class calendar. Reminders will be sent by Room Parents in their weekly emails.
What is Noche de Gala and should I attend?
As a non-profit school, MIS raises money each year to cover the difference between the cost to educate each child and tuition charged per child (in 2017-18, this amount was about $1,600 per student). Noche de Gala is one way that MIS raises money through this fun and inspiring dinner and auction. Families attend by purchasing tickets or reserving a table with friends and can participate in many different ways in the evening. All families are invited and welcomed!
As a new family, what events are the best for me to attend to meet other parents?
Fiesta de Bienvenida (adults only) and International Festival (families) are excellent opportunities to meet and engage with others in the community. And don’t forget to stop by First Friday Coffees, hosted at both campuses by MISPA at drop off on the first Friday of every month.
I understand that MIS is a secular school, but what happens if our family celebrates a religious or cultural holiday on a regular school day?
Often, after consulting with your child’s lead teacher, a child may bring an aspect of their holiday to school which contributes towards the educational experience at our international school. If your child will not attend school due to the holiday, please let your child’s lead teacher and head of section (Preschool, Primary or Middle) know of his/her absence ahead of time.
Can my child celebrate his/her birthday with her class?
Absolutely! Celebrations should abide by the school’s nutritional guidelines (e.g. frozen fruit pops, not cupcakes) and be provided to the entire class. If your child is hosting a party outside of school, we encourage you to invite all classmates. If you choose to only invite a select group, please email or mail invitations outside of MIS so no child feels excluded.