Student Assessments


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How do I find out how my child is progressing in the classroom?
There are a number of ways that you’ll see and hear about your child’s academic progress in his/her grade. We host parent-teacher conferences, three-way conferences and student-led conferences throughout the year. Additionally, you will receive report cards three times per year through ManageBac, as well as exit profiles, end of unit presentations and summative assessments rubrics and portfolios showcasing your child’s work as well as his/her assessment of learning and teacher’s input.

At MIS, we focus on both summative assessment as well as formative assessment. In other words:

  1. Summative Assessment – Analysis focused on the cumulation of all skills/concepts/outcomes at the end of a lesson or unit.
  2. Formative Assessment – Analysis of student comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress during a lesson or unit, completed on an ongoing basis.
Are students receiving grades like those given in public school?
No, a grading scale (see below) is used to assess the students. We value the process of learning as much as the final products. Assessment of learning is as important as assessment for learning (summative vs. formative, see above). Written comments are given to students to help them improve. You can learn more by reviewing our Assessment Policy.

IB Grading Scale


Means the student always accomplishes the skill within the time frame provided and is able to use the skill in new situations. Always meets or exceeds the desired outcome.

A or A+ 90-100%

Means that the student usually accomplishes the skill and meets expectations within the time frame provided.

B or  B+ 80-89%

Means that the student is starting to accomplish the skill, partially uses it and requires time and mediation to complete learning expectations on time.

C 70-79%

Means that the student needs assistance to accomplish the skill. The student requires extensive support and mediation to complete learning expectations on time.

D -70%
Do students at MIS take standardized tests?
Yes, students beginning in 3rd grade and above take the Measures of Academic Progress test (MAP) to assess their Reading, Writing and Math skills. The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is administered in Mandarin in 4th – 8th grade. MIS is not a “test driven” school, meaning that our curriculum is not designed to support student achievement on the test nor do our students practice for standardized tests. The purpose of students taking these tests is to ensure continuum of learning throughout the year and identify potential development needs with individual students and our curriculum. It is also provides students with the opportunity to be introduced to standardized tests, in general, that they will be required to take once they graduate from MIS.
What should I do if I’m concerned about my child’s academic progress?
Contact the teacher immediately, bring your concerns and work together to support the student.
What methods does the school use to help students struggling with specific subjects?
Teachers will differentiate in the classroom, will give additional practice for home and will offer additional support in the mornings before school. An interdisciplinary team that includes the learning specialists and the counselors will get together to establish an action plan inviting the parents to the conversation. Additional resources might be needed in order for the students to succeed.  The tools used are based on individual needs.
Isabel (5th) reflecting on why she thinks Magellan is so special.