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Andrew Ienuso

Head of Secondary School
Andrew Ienuso has more than 15 years experience in education as an administrator, educator, and in athletics in International Baccalaureate and independent schools.

Andrew spent nearly a decade working overseas in Singapore and in Indonesia. He began his IB career at Stamford American International School in Singapore. He was recruited into leadership by the Mount Zaagkam School in Papua, Indonesia – which is considered to be the world’s most remote IB school. He served as Head of Campus at Mount Zaagkam where he ensured educational coherence across the Primary and Secondary schools and promoted cross campus activities with local schools, which focused on cultural connections, inclusion and immersions in local customs, traditions, and celebrations. He brings extensive expertise in the IB program, school administration and operations, athletics programming, and has facilitated multiple IB accreditations for schools in the United States and abroad. Most recently Andrew served as head of Middle and Upper Schools at Beaufort Academy, a college preparatory school in South Carolina.

Andrew was a collegiate and semi-professional athlete and values leadership skills acquired through athletics and competition. He has coached teams at the varsity level and enjoys shooting hoops in his free time.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Georgia State University and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education in Indiana. Andrew is father to two young children.