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Erin Defossé

Founder and Board Member
Erin is a technology executive and entrepreneur whose passion is to work on ventures that aim at making a significant social impact. Simply put, his calling is to work with and inspire people who, in the words of Ghandi, want to "be the change that you want to see in the world."

He started his career as an aerospace engineer ("rocket scientist") at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory performing mission design, analysis, software and hardware development for interplanetary spacecraft missions. Working at NASA was his childhood dream, a dream that was in large part made possible by his elementary and high school education at an international school in Mexico City. His own schooling experience inspired Erin to launch Magellan so that other children, including his own, could also find their purpose and live out their own childhood dreams.

Erin has started and led several tech startups, raising millions of dollars in angel venture capital and has engaged in major MA transactions and IPOs. He has developed and set corporate strategy, product vision and product roadmap; sold and managed key accounts, led product management teams, and executed data and pricing strategy at a publicly-traded software company. Simultaneously, Erin has been able to live out his passions for helping our community by not only starting Magellan, but also leading other non-profit initiatives, like the Bazaarvoice Foundation, that empowers kids with the entrepreneurial skills they will need to change the world. Currently, Erin is Chief Product Office at Aceable, an online and mobile education company that provides unparalleled training and services for the life people want.

Erin is the father of two children, both of which graduated from the Magellan middle school. He founded Magellan to give his children and those of others a progressive, international, and multilingual education that would allow them to achieve their life dreams and help society solve the challenges it is facing in the 21st century. Having benefited from a similar education himself, he is committed to giving as many children as possible the same opportunity.