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Kimberly Eyhorn

Board Member
Kimberly Eyhorn is a seasoned HR leader with a remarkable track record in Global Talent Acquisition, accumulating over 15 years of valuable experience. Her career journey has been marked by collaboration with a diverse array of companies, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to high-growth startups and post-IPO ventures. Kimberly's expertise lies in recruiting top talent on a global scale, crafting world-class recruitment teams, and strategically enhancing the employment brand of the organizations she serves.

Having held recruitment roles at renowned companies such as HP, Samsung, HomeAway, and Expedia, Kimberly has showcased her adaptability and versatility across different industries.  Kimberly thrives on the challenges and opportunities presented by the global market, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to creating diverse and high-performing teams. Her leadership style is characterized by a genuine appreciation for diverse perspectives, fostering innovation and ensuring strong, inclusive leadership values.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kimberly holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. In her personal life, Kimberly, alongside her husband Chris, takes pride in being parents to two daughters. Their journey with Magellan began when the girls were just 3 years old, and they are currently progressing through 4th and 7th grades. This family connection to education highlights Kimberly's commitment not only to professional excellence but also to fostering a supportive and enriching environment for her own family and the community at large.