Magellan International School was founded in 2009 to offer a new, accredited International Baccalaureate program with language immersion to the Austin, Texas community. Since inception, the school has expanded the scope of grades served to age 3 through 8th grade, grown its student body and faculty ten-fold and enlarged its physical plant to three campuses to serve our students.



Magellan is an inclusive community dedicated to helping our students discover their unique purpose and passion. We deliver a world class international education that supports students in reaching their highest level of personal and academic success. We help our students grow into resilient, empathetic and inquisitive individuals who think critically and creatively and who possess the courage and conviction to take action.



We prepare young people to succeed and take their place in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world.



We are a community committed to nine core values:

Excellence: Upholding the highest standards of education
Collaboration: Collaborating as a team for superior results
Respect: Respecting the individual and acting with empathy
Trust: Empowering our community through open dialog and mutual trust
Integrity: Preserving integrity and emphasizing positivity in all we do

Diversity: Celebrating our differences
Multiculturalism: Broadening our understanding of cultures
Service: Being responsible citizens in every community we serve
Social Action: Bridging divides in our local community and in the world

Approaches to

The same six approaches underpin teaching in all IB programs. The approaches are deliberately broad, designed to give teachers the flexibility to choose specific strategies to employ that best reflect their own particular contexts and the needs of their students.

In all IB programs, teaching is:


Based on inquiry

A strong emphasis is placed on students finding their own information and constructing their own understandings.

Focused on conceptual understanding

Concepts are explored in order to both deepen disciplinary understanding and to help students make connections and transfer learning to new contexts.

Designed to remove barriers to learning

Teaching is inclusive, values diversity, affirms students’ identities, and aims to create learning opportunities that enable every student to develop and pursue appropriate personal goals.

Focused on effective teamwork and collaboration

This includes promoting teamwork and collaboration between students, but also refers to the collaborative relationship between teachers and students.

Developed in local and global contexts

Teaching uses real-life context and examples, and students are encouraged to connect learning to their own experiences and to take action as agents of change.

Informed by assessment

Assessment plays a crucial role in supporting, as well as measuring and learning. This approach also recognizes the crucial role of providing students with effective feedback.