Who Do I
Contact At Magellan?

Parent Association – volunteering, community events

Carline Form

Facilities – playground, bathrooms, hallways, doors, furniture, computers, etc

Financial Aid – application status, change in family needs

Tuition Account – payments, charges, TADS Access

Fundraising – gift receipts, request for approval of ancillary fundraising drives

Admissions – new student enrollment, re-enrollment

Classroom – other than teacher, after discussing concerns WITH teacher

Campus Safety/Security

Lunch Service

After School Care & Activities – Magellan provided and logistics of vendor provided activities

Room Parent Program

Systems Access Issues

Student Transportation (daily, via van/bus)

Communications – School Wide (protocols, content, frequency)

Sick Child

Strategic Initiatives

  • Physical expansion of the campus,
  • Vision and mission of the school,
  • Strategic planning,
  • Long-term enrollment goals,
  • Financial sustainability, and
  • Implementation of school-wide curricular or extracurricular activities
  • Head of School/Scott Hibbard – scott.hibbard@magellanschool.org.