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Educational & Social Emotional Needs

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  • Student Support Resources (SSR) Team

    Magellan is proud to have an incredible Student Support Resources (SSR) Team in place to address the educational and social emotional needs of our students in all grades.

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  • Social & Emotional Support

    Three dedicated counselors serve the Preschool, Primary, and Middle Schools. Each holds a Masters Degree and has extensive experience in working with children. These dedicated professionals are there to support students and families with social, emotional and academic needs. They also give support to students as they transition from childhood into adolescence in partnership with the Nursing staff who oversees teaching of Human Development.
  • Learning Support

    A team of three Learning Support Specialists work with students to develop strategies to help them succeed inside and outside the classroom. Our Literacy Specialist in the lower Primary grades and two learning specialists for grades K to 8 work with teachers, counselors, and the leadership team to develop strategies and implement measures to support students with learning differences or who need extra support.
  • Sensory Integration & Self-Regulation

    Our Primary Head of School is a trained Instructional Coach who supports teachers in the implementation of sensory-friendly classroom enhancements, ongoing SEL training, and the practice of self-reg or self regulation. You'll see students of all ages using a wide variety of desks, seating, fidget gadgets, and even headphones to individualize their classroom experience.

    Self-Reg is designed as "a pathway to enhancing resilience, motivation, learning, & well-being." Using the 5 step method developed by Stewart Shanker and the Mehrit Center, Magellan faculty and staff learn how to read, reframe, and respond to behavior, strong emotions, dysregulation, and much more. 

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See a child differently, you see a different child. - Dr. Stuart Shanker, The MEHRIT Centre