Tuition &
Financial Aid

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

Tuition may be paid in annual, semi-annual or in 10 monthly installments.

Tuition and fees include all school supplies for students as well as snacks for our Preschool students every day. 

Families are responsible for purchasing uniforms. Shirts embroidered with the school crest may be purchased at Land’s End. Bottoms can be purchased anywhere as long as they follow the dress code.

See additional sample fees below for other opportunities like athletics, after school care, and the lunch program that may interest you.


  • Tuition – $14,900
  • Program Entry fee – N/A
  • Educational Resource Fee – $500
  • Parent Association Fee – $90

Primary school

  • Tuition – $19,530
  • Program Entry fee – $2,000*
  • Educational Resource Fee – $700
  • Parent Association Fee – $90

Middle school

  • Tuition – $21,820
  • Program Entry fee – $1,500*
  • Educational Resource Fee – $900
  • Parent Association Fee – $90

*The program entry fee is a one-time fee assessed at entry into the program. Current students entering 6th grade are subject to a reduced $500 program entry fee. Program entry fees are waived for the third student in a family.

Sample additional fees:

The following fees are optional depending on your student’s needs and interests: 


Don’t let cost prevent you from considering Magellan International School. We are committed to diversity of all kinds, including socioeconomic diversity. Each year, Magellan awards approximately $800,000 in financial assistance to 15% of students every year. A family’s ability to pay full tuition is not a factor in our admissions decisions.

Your family is encouraged to apply for financial assistance, and may do so every year your child(ren) is(are) enrolled at Magellan International School. Financial need is evaluated by a third-party (Blackbaud Financial Aid) and awarded based upon need as well as funding available for distribution. See the documents below for more information on the school’s Financial Aid policy and how to apply.

Applying for Financial Aid

To begin an application for financial aid, we recommend you prepare the following documents:
(for all household members)

• Most recent paystubs
• Most recent W-2 forms for all jobs
• Most recently filed federal tax returns
• Most recently filed business tax return (if applicable)
• Supplemental income documentation

Please note that within the Blackbaud Financial Aid system, Magellan International School’s code is 15288.